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Kitchenware concepts by Kiba Design



Product, 2014

We’d like to encourage more men to take to the kitchen – our strategy is to design kitchenware that reflects the build quality and aesthetic appeal of well-designed tools, subliminally playing on the heightened sense of pride a man takes in his equipment.

Kitchenware - cooking pot handle detail - by Kiba Design

Safety is in the details

The handle of the pot has a heat shield integrated into the form, to will save your fingers from accidentally touching the hot surface of the pot.

Cast-iron pan

Misty Mountains Carafe by Kiba Design - Detail.jpg

Misty Mountains carafe

A form experiment to bring a mountain range to your table. 

Misty Mountains carafe - by Kiba Design

Capsule carafe - by Kiba Design

Capsule Carafe

Inspired by the popular self-righting punch toy, the capsule carafe is an experimental product concept to introduce a sense of play into the dining experience.