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Writing policy on design education

Abhimanyu Nohwar, Kiba Design's Founder, worked with the National Innovation Council, Planning Commission, Government of India, for six months in 2012, where he created an operational strategy and an implementation plan document for his proposal to design organisational structures for promoting the spread of design education and practice in India.

The proposal is included in the Government's 12th Five Year Plan and has been in implementation by the Ministry of Human Resource Development since 2013, as the 'National Initiative for Design Innovation'. 

Details of the status of implementation here




The Open Participatory Education Network is the underlying organisational model upon which the Open Design School and National Design Innovation Network operate. It has been conceived of as a model of participatory and collaborative education that could be applied to any academic discipline. Its core objectives are: 

  • interdisciplinary and collaborative learning
  • open knowledge sharing, and
  • creating an innovation friendly environment 

Free education courseware and collaborative learning

A multidisciplinary design school that, inter alia, shares its courseware freely online.

  • Free sharing of learning material via Open Course Ware
  • Flexible and responsive curriculum
  • Collaborative model of learning and practice


A social impact ecosystem

National Design Innovation Network is a focused social network for collaborative problem solving that connects design schools and professionals to a wide range of stakeholders, including academic institutions, government, industry, social organisations and the public, to work collaboratively to provide design solutions for India.

Strategy: An integrated approach

A cohesive vision for Design Education in India, where design institutions interact extensively with other educational institutions to spread design thinking and add design capability across disciplines.

Looking for strategic design innovation?

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