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Gaia planter

A planter designed by Kiba Design for an Australia-based startup


Gaia planter - serious gardening at home

Product, 2013

With up to 5 stackable levels, the Gaia planter lets you grow up to 50 edible or ornamental plants within a small footprint of 3X3 feet.

Product engineering India - by Kiba Design

In-built composting tube

The central core acts as both the structural element, as well as a unified vermi-compost tube with access slots at each level leading directly into the soil, keeping compost gases under control.

Gaia planter modular design - by Kiba Design

Modular design

  • Intuitive, tool-free assembly

  • Add modules to grow more plants

  • Ease in storage, packaging and transport

Gaia planter modular design Top - by Kiba Design

Functional is beautiful

True to the maxim 'Form follows Function', every component is designed and engineered together for structural strength and stability when fully assembled and in use. And it looks beautiful in your home!

Gaia planter - by Kiba Design

A serious planter that everybody can use

The Gaia planter offers the functionality of serious gardening equipment in a beautiful design that is a pleasure to use. It can be used at home, in an office or in other urban spaces.