Various talks on Design

Abhimanyu Nohwar, Kiba Design's Founder, has been contributing to design education since 2008 in various capacities - as a practicing educationist and as a design strategist for the Indian Government.


"Open structures in design education"

Speaker at the Designing Design Education for India conference in Pune, India, in 2013 on 'Open Structures in Design Education'.


Plenary discussion

The plenary discussion from Abhimanyu's talk at DDEI, Pune, 2013.


Pecha Kucha Night Delhi 2013

Abhimanyu Nohwar, Advisor to the National Innovation Council, speaks at the 18th edition of Pecha Kucha Night Delhi, which had as its theme 'Education for Innovation'. This event was held on the 13th of April 2013.

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