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Why work with us

Why Kiba?

When a company puts the user experience at the center of their priorities, it leads to the creation of products and experiences that people love to use.

This is the point where good design meets good business.

  • We are a team of highly qualified design, research, engineering and web development professionals, with over 15 years of industry experience. Some of the most exciting new startups, industry leading brands, and the highest echelons of Government trust us to create innovative design solutions for them.

  • We have developed an innovative approach to our design process that enables us to work with all types of business needs - from startups who need complete new product development (research, design, engineering and production support), to well established brands that need to innovate their product/service offering and regain their industry-leading performance (through product and UX design, and through strategic design that goes beyond these define-able silos of services to provide holistic solutions requiring input from multiple design and related disciplines).

  • Companies still need the help of an outsider to show them how their deep familiarity with the problem is confounding their ability to see it clearly. They often wrestle with such cognitive illusions as confirmation bias, where they only see evidence that confirms their thinking, or loss aversion, where people are more willing to take risks to prevent a loss than to take risks to obtain a gain. We are unafraid to prioritize the users’ needs and behaviors over the ingrained views and risk-averse assumptions of the enterprise - which helps us to dig deep and create lasting value for our clients by designing products and experience that users love.