Packaging + branding for Marico

Marico was looking to relaunch its Zatak brand of deodorants with a branding+packaging design that would help it jump off the shelves. We created a range of designs to help the client address Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India.

Packaging and rebranding of Zatak deodorants for Marico Ltd.


Mon Sake

Bottle and label design for Sake.

A packaging experiment that goes beyond conventional notions of brand and identity. Japanese Mon are crests that traditionally identify family lineages. In 1904, the Japanese government banned Sake breweries in homes thus taking Sake production away from the private and intimate sphere of families in favour of that of impersonal government factories. The Mon Sake bottle brings back the family crest label in a playful and irreverent take on the government control of Sake production. 


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