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Grey Goose brand showcase for Bacardi - by Kiba Design.png


Grey Goose Luxury Brand showcase - Retail design for Bacardi - by Kiba Design.

Luxury brand showcase for Grey Goose

Bacardi had a problem. Its luxury Vodka brand, Grey Goose, was being showcased in generic showcases across India, many of which were aging badly. The brand needed an image boost, fast.

We designed a range of showcases and carefully engineered the details down to the last material and construction specification, so that local showcase vendors across the country would all achieve the same quality standard that we set in the first prototype.

The showcases have been successfully rolled out across the country.

3D visualisation of the showcase

Roll out!

The Grey Goose showcases have been successfully rolled out across the country, bringing the brand's presence up to international standards with its premium material palette and detailing.

Photographs of the final installed showcase, based on which the national rollout happened.

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