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Godrej Design Lab 2017

Jolly Rocker - Winner, Godrej Design Lab 2017 - by Kiba Design.

Winner - Godrej Design Lab 2017

The Jolly Rocker is an idea from 2013 that was developed further in 2016 when it made the shortlist at the prestigious Godrej Design Lab competition. It was selected as one of the winning entries and later exhibited at India's biggest design event - India Design ID, held in New Delhi in February 2017.

The design developed along two lines:

1. A rocking stool for kids that had medical uses for children with Autism - since the rocking motion stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain. This made the Jolly Rocker a socially inclusive product that can be used by all without it looking like a medical device.

2. A rocking stool for adults that helps in promoting "active seating" - the gentle rocking will not tire you out, but the constant engagement of the core muscles will lead to a gradual buildup of core strength, leading to improved posture over time.



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The first interview with Godrej Design Lab on making the shortlist

The Jolly Rocker Design Journey

Rock-a-bye baby and adults too! The Jolly The making of the Jolly Rocker. "Rocker by Abhimanyu isn't just a delight to sit on. The motion of it also brings calm to children with Autism and Hyperactivity disorder."

The Jolly Rocker for autistic children didn't just rock the design space, it shook it!

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