Wearable device for women's safety

Leaf is a startup that launched 'Safer' in 2015 - a wearable device for women's safety. We designed this range of 'smart jewelry' in different form factors - pendants and rings - to meet a range of personal preferences.

'Safer' smart jewelry is available for purchase at www.leafwearables.com

 Image attribution: www.leafwearables.com

Image attribution: www.leafwearables.com

Modular design

Conceived as a platform with a broad range of configurations, our wearable designs allow for easy customization of modules as needed into a variety of products.

Adaptable and customizable

By simplifying the technology, Safer smart jewelry can be configured to be worn as rings or pendants. It also offers a degree of water resistance and having fewer moving parts leads to greater reliability. 

Elegantly minimal

The Safer line of smart jewelry offers a variety of colours, materials, finishes, and the possibility to have combinations of the three tailored to their requirements.


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