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Innovative product and web ui ux design studio design firm in New Delhi, India

Who we are

Kiba is a multi-disciplinary product innovation and UX design consultancy.

We partner with organisations to create strategic design solutions that are user-centric, innovative and sustainable. Working at the intersection of Design, Business and Technology, we create the products, services and experiences of the future.


As a multidisciplinary design studio, we work across many applications – physical, digital and spatial. Our strategic design approach goes beyond creating design outputs – products, websites, spaces – to designing comprehensive solutions organised around integrated services – design research, interaction design and experience strategy.

We humanise design, making your brand, product or service more useful, accessible, and appealing to customers.

How we work

We start our innovation process by designing a strategic framework. While every project is unique, our process follows three essential phases: research, design, and deliver.

1. RESEARCH: The first phase in our process is the identification of new technological developments and insight into hidden consumer needs. The design research phase creates a solid foundation for the further development of the project.

2. DESIGN: Our approach to the design of a product, service or experience keeps the user at the heart of the process. We thrive on the interaction of various disciplines and skillsets in our studio, with each bringing a unique perspective to the problem at hand. This helps us define the problem in unexpected and new ways, resulting in creative and innovative solutions.

3. DELIVER: Project delivery varies with the type of work we’re doing – whether it be iterative prototyping, technical drawings, material specifications and tolerances  for physical products, or finished UI elements, UX design guides, brand guidelines or completely designed and coded websites, ready for launch – we strive to deliver world-standard work with the greatest attention to detail.



We believe that a successful relationship is born out of collaboration and partnership. We work with our clients to understand their objectives and audience, and bring design thinking to their organisations, through strategic practices in design, research and development.


We are dedicated to the design of innovative new strategies, digital experiences, products and services that advance the quality of our lives. Through our work, we strive to create lasting and deep value for end users, resulting in industry-leading product and brand solutions for our clients.

We believe passionately in the transformative power of design, and constantly explore, expand and discover what lies beyond our own capabilities.

Our Team

abhimanyu nohwar


Founder-Director, Design Head

A Graduate in Product Design from the National Institute of Design (NID), Abhimanyu has worked since 2002 in varied industries on a wide range of projects from aeronautical equipment, automobiles and software systems to retail, exhibitions, interiors, furniture and consumer products. He established Kiba Design in 2005 as a boutique design consultancy that specialises in innovation-driven design interventions for clients who share our passion for creating a well designed world.

Abhimanyu has been a design educationist and has worked in advisory capacities in high-level national and international bodies, including XPrize, V-Must (Virtual Museum Transnational Network - a European network of excellence focused on virtual museums), and as Expert Advisor on Design Innovation at the National Innovation Council (2012-2014), Planning Commission, Government of India.

gitanjali surendran


Partner and Research Head

A PhD in History from Harvard University, Gitanjali is currently splitting her time between teaching as Associate Professor at Jindal Global University, and as Head of Research at Kiba Design, where she handles our culture and heritage-related ventures. Educated at Delhi University, JNU, Oxford, and finally at Harvard, Gitanjali has had five years of experience in the area of cultural heritage management, having worked extensively with INTACH, SPICMACAY, National Mission for Manuscripts and Sahapedia.

We have a carefully selected team of professionals including designers, copywriters, engineers and developers who we partner with to bring the highest professional standards to our projects. This approach allows us to stay nimble while delivering world-class design. Through our extensive design network we are also able to scale up and create project-specific teams to meet the demands of our larger projects.


In 2012, Abhimanyu had the unique honor of spending six months at the National Innovation Council, Planning Commission of India, to create a roadmap proposal for the design education policy of India. This proposal was presented to the President of India in 2012 and has since been included in the 12th five-year plan of the country and its implementation is currently being facilitated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. We continue to work on 'big picture' projects that extend our professional practice into socially relevant themes.


Our design work covers a range of services - from physical to digital, visual and spatial - enabling us to provide our clients with comprehensive design solutions. We work with some of the biggest multinationals and on government projects, and are equally passionate about our work with Non profitss and startups. We are obsessive about producing the highest quality of design, and work tirelessly to help our clients and their brands compete at the global level.

kiba design services

Who we work with

We work on projects of varying scale and scope, both locally and internationally. Our clients range from startups to large multinational corporations, non-profits and government. 

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