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Electronics design in India - by Kiba Design.

Consumer Electronics for Havells

India Design Mark for Havells Adonia water heater - designed by Kiba Design

Havells is the market leader in Fast Moving Electronic Goods (FMEGs) in the Indian market.

We designed a range of switches, and a line of geysers for the company in 2015-16. The geysers have been successfully launched in Malaysia and India as of July 2016, and will expand to other markets.

The design was awarded the India Design Mark in 2017 - India's highest recognition of design excellence.

The design of the Adonia Geysers features an innovative ring of colour-changing LED lights which transition from light blue to amber - to indicate the changing temperature of the water as it gets heated. Havells has applied for a patent for this innovation in water heaters.

Link to the product page on the Havells website.


Havells Adonia geyser by Kiba Design.png

Havells Adonia Geyser by Kiba Design. Colour transition of the LED lights to indicate change in water temperature.

Havells Adonia Geyser by Kiba Design. Mr. Saurabh Goel, Executive Vice President, Havells India Limited, with Havells Adonia geysers, designed by Kiba Design. Pic attribution:

Successfully launched

The Havells Adonia line of geysers (pictured here) have been successfully launched in Malaysia and India in July 2016. The company is reportedly expecting to corner 15% market share with the launch of this innovative product, and quadruple their earnings from 100 cr to 400 cr in the water heater sement.

Patently innovative

We developed a unique principle for this product, wherein a gentle pulsating light would bring the product alive, and through a transition from light blue (cold) to amber (warm), it would indicate the temperature of the water.

This world-first innovation in water heaters has prompted the company to apply for a patent for the principle, and is now also marketing the product as an 'innovative' product.

Havells Adonia Geyser by Kiba Design. Pic attribution:

Range of switches for Havells Ltd.

Modular switches

We designed an innovative modular backplate system that allows for horizontal or vertical installation, depending on the space or desired aesthetic.


Adaptable and customizable

Conceived as a platform with a broad range of configurations, our switch designs allow for easy customization of modules as needed. 

Elegantly minimal

Our research showed that our target group of interior designers and architects look for switches that offer a variety of colours, materials, finishes, and the possibility to have combinations of the three tailored to their requirements; and we delivered.


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