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We work with organisations to define their strategic brand positioning through the design of their brand identity and strategy, and by helping them create a distinct presence in the market.


CIE logo - by Kiba Design

Centre for Imaging Excellence

Logo for a dental imaging center. The 'slices' of the text echo the dental X-Ray, which scans 'slices' of your jaw. The curve of the letter 'C' is the path the X-Ray machine takes when scanning a person's head.


AMBA is a non-profit organisation that works for the economic empowerment of intellectually disabled adults. After visiting their Core Training Centre in Bangalore and seeing the incredible work they do, it became clear that you need plenty of love, plenty of heart to be able to do what they do. The design of the logo followed naturally.

AMBA logo - by Kiba Design

Sahapedia logo - by Kiba Design


The Sahapedia logo represents the interconnected-ness and circularity of Culture. It forms a festive web of connections, simultaneously echoing Indian folk art styles, and the nodal connections of digital knowledge.

Career Launcher

In 2008, leading educational services provider Career Launcher approached Kiba Design to consolidate their various business ventures under one integrated brand identity. The new identity was to reflect CL’s core values of inspiration, growth and individual potential.

The logo takes inspiration from the golden spiral, connoting growth and achievement. The warm palette is reminiscent of the rays of the sun, symbolising new beginnings, vitality, and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Career Launcher logo - by Kiba Design

EnSol logo - by Kiba Design


EnSol provides installation and maintenance support for heavy medical equipment. Being a behind-the-scenes troubleshooting service, our approach was to create a visual identity that is unobtrusive, yet solid and dependable.

 We incorporated an 'equals' sign discreetly into the negative space of the 'O' in the word 'solutions', playing on the core function of the company: engineering solutions.

Dental Destination

Logo design for a dental practice.

Dental Destination logo - by Kiba Design

Elemental logo - by Kiba Design


Logo design for a company working in the sales and innovation consultancy space - their role is fundamental to driving growth for their clients, and we decided reflect that in the choice of name and the design of their identity.


Logo for a professional risk management and insurance brokerage company.

Sivana logo - by Kiba Design

Floodlights logo - by Kiba Design


Logo for an event management company working primarily with Cricket and other sporting events.


Logo for a company specialising in reinvigorating sales efforts through its extensive sales force and experience.

Ignition logo - by Kiba Design

Mama Couture logo by Kiba Design

Mama Couture

Logo and identity system for an e-commerce startup selling high-fashion maternity wear.

Looking for Strategic growth?

After a period of growth sometimes an old brand identity doesn't adequately reflect the updated capabilities and evolution of brand intent. We help our clients define their brands by visualising their core values through enduring identity design and innovative brand strategy. Get in touch!